Lakeside Art Club Partners with MFG for Public Art Project

The LHS Art Club partnered with MFG to refurbish six sculptures that were manufactured at their Union City plant in the 1980's. Susan Keasling, Executive Assistant at MFG reached out to Anzietta DiPierro, LHS Visual Arts Teacher last summer as she was looking for an artist or artists to do the job.
Students researched different artists and then used aspects from these famous artists to incorporate into the six sculptures. The art club students began sketching and designing for the first two sculptures (turtle and bird) at the first club meeting in September. It was clear at that time that the twice a month meetings were not going to be enough time. Three sculptures were in need of repairs. Each sculpture was sanded, washed, primed, and then painted.
The painting process began with a consultation with J & W Paint recommended the best paint for the project along with some tricks of the trade for cleaning and priming. The paint mixed from primary colors red, yellow, and blue with the use of black and white to tint and tone. It took six gallons of paint and a lot of mixing.
Anzietta DiPierro worked with maintenance at LHS and Bob Mills and his crew at MFG to get the logistics coordinated for the animal sculptures to be moved. MFG built carts that helped maneuver the sculptures around for painting and loading. 
Two of the sculptures were too large to fit through the sculpture studio doors. The Ashtabula Arts Center generously gave up studio space for two weeks to paint the final two sculptures (frog and beaver). DiPierro hopes this inspires more students to join LHS Art Club and to invoke support for public art within the school and throughout the community.
Students worked together during lunch periods, after school, and on days off of school. 120 plus hours from September-May were spent on the MFG sculptures. Students earned community service hours toward classes, lettering in art, and Fine Arts Seal toward graduation. Giuliano Kurtulaj, President of the Art Club stated, “this was a rewarding project that he can come back and see for many years to come.”
The students were invited to tour the sculpture garden at MFG the last week of school to see the sculptures and explain the thought process behind each sculpture as well as the physical tasks involved while painting them. A binder was provided to MFG with the research, inspiration, and photographs of the students working on the project. A $5,000 donation was presented to the Art Club for their completion of the project. “Supporting the arts is a vital component for a healthy educational experience, for both students and the community,” added Richard Morrison, MFG Chairman of the Board. The sculptures can be visible as you drive by the Molded Fiber Glass plant on Wade Avenue.
The Art Club which had seventeen members normally meeting once or twice a month met this year once or twice a week to achieve their goal which was to focus on public art. Other projects such as chalking a wall on Bridge Street for Fall.
Festival, painting a plow for ODOT, as well as painting blocks for LHS Art Club to focus school to display seniors’ accomplishments.