2021 - 2022 Ohio PBIS Awards Recognition District Recipient

2021-2022 AACS District Digital Award
Ashtabula Area City Schools was in it’s third full year of PBIS last year actively engaged in supportively meeting the needs of all students, but especially returning to our new “normal” coming out of a pandemic, balancing both an in-person and Remote mode of learning, creatively adapting strategies and interventions to meet the specific needs of all students, but in particular, our more vulnerable students who faced issues with attendance, social-
emotional concerns, and closing gaps academically.  In addition, we recognize the importance and impact of the Whole Child approach to learning and growing, and much effort and attention has been spent on strengthening resources and relationships with families and the greater community.

The District PBIS Team met every two weeks, providing PBIS building leaders an opportunity to connect and share ideas, data, strategies, and interventions to learn from each other and support the work of facilitating PBIS systemically and systematically.  A District PBIS Google Drive was shared amongst all District PBIS Team members to facilitate accurate and timely organization of resources and documentation. The District PBIS Team then took the information back to their buildings to share out through their Building Leadership Team, Staff, and Teacher Based Team meetings, and the cycle continued as feedback and needs were then once again brought back to the District PBIS Team meetings.  PBIS was a focal point of District Leadership Team meetings as well because in the AACS One Plan is the Climate goal that “By the end of the 2023 school year, all AACS stakeholders will cultivate a safe, healthy and supportive school climate and culture that nurtures the development of the whole child through consistent implementation of PBIS in every building which includes but not limited to providing consistent absence interventions and sharing the needs of the students during grade level transitioning.”

We are excited to announce that AACS earned it's first ever DISTRICT award for PBIS last school year!!!! Only 2 districts in the entire SST5 region received this recognition! Within the AACS district, ALL of our buildings received recognition this school year! Five of our schools (Michigan, Ontario, Erie, LJHS, and LHS) received Bronze award status (33 schools in SST5 region received Bronze) and two of our schools (Huron and Superior) received Silver (9 schools in SST5 region received Silver).
Thank You to all of our AACS students, staff, families, and community for all of your efforts every day to make a difference in the lives of our Dragon Nation.