Board of Education

TOGETHER - Preparing EVERY Student for Future Success

The Board of Education Offices have relocated to the Lakeside High School Building with the following new address:


Board of Education Offices
6610 Sanborn Road
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

School Board Members


Mr. William Niemi   -  Board President


Dr. Debra Barrickman - Vice President

Mr. James Brady Sr. - Member


Mr. Steve J. Candela - Member


Ms. Christine Seuffert   - Member


Educational Philosophy

It is the belief of the Ashtabula Area City Schools that the welfare and progress of each student undergirds and defines the total thrust of all educational activities. The basic intent is to direct staff and program toward the optimum development of each student...

It is our philosophy to prepare students for successful living in a changing society. The educational program should offer the opportunities for each student to nurture personal capabilities to the fullest, to recognize individual needs, to achieve to optimum level, and to become a contributing citizen by accepting responsibility to self and others.

The total educational program requires cooperation and communication among school, home and community.

Link to Ashtabula Area City School District Bylaws and Policies

Link to Ashtabula Area City School Board Docs - Meeting Agendas

About School Board Members...

School board members are elected officials who devote many hours to reviewing materials, setting policies, and planning for your children's education. We serve on the school board because we care about providing quality educational opportunities that meet the needs of children. In addition to making decisions during school board meetings, we try to keep the lines of communication open with our community. We are available and invite your comments, concerns, and questions.

About School Board Meetings...

The Board has one scheduled meetings each month. Normally it is held on the third Wednesday of the month. However, occasionally the time or date may be changed to accommodate other activities. Additional meeting may be called when deemed necessary.

A board meeting is a meeting of the Board of Education held in public. All discussions are held in the open with the exception of items that require, by law, an executive session. There is time on the meeting agenda for citizen comment and questions. We believe that involved and informed parents and citizens are the best guarantee of excellence in our schools.

About Public Participation at School Board Meetings...

We welcome your comments and questions during the time set aside for hearing the public. Statements shall be limited to three (3) minutes. If need be, you may speak again after everyone else has had an opportunity to speak. Should you wish to speak, please...

¨ step to the podium.

¨ give your name and address.

¨ keep your comments brief and to the point.

¨ do not reflect adversely on the political or economic view, ethnic background, character or motives of any individual*.

*If you have a specific concern about a staff member, and you have attempted to resolve the problem with the person, his/her administrator or supervisor, and the superintendent, you may request that a meeting be scheduled with the board to discuss a personnel matter in executive session.

Thank you...
The African proverb, "It takes an entire village to raise a child," is as vital today as when it was first stated many years ago. Working together we can indeed educate students for life. Your input, interest, and continued support are gratefully appreciated.