Resource Room Program

The Gifted and Talented Resource Room Program (GTRRP) provides for the unique learning styles of the gifted and talented students in grades three through six.Students with exceptional intellectual, academic and creative potential require differentiated strategies and materials available in the Resource Room. Identified students meet once a week and are involved in interdisciplinary study.

The goal of each unit of study is to engage students in an interdisciplinary unit in which they have choices to research and explore topics of interest. Units revolve around the curriculum outlined in “Blooms Taxonomy,” which incorporates six levels of thinking. Levels of critical thinking begin at the knowledge level and excel to higher levels of synthesis and application.

Final projects:
  • portfolio based assessments
  • student presentations using power point and computer programs
  • videos and photographs
Yearlong projects:
  • Ohio Future Problem Solving Competition
  • Cleveland Orchestra and Severance Hall
  • Foreign Language Classes
  • Word Masters Challenge
  • Curriculum revolves around current events

Future Problem Solving International

All classes of GT students are involved in a component of Future Problem Solving International (FPSI). Third grade students compete in a division of FPSI entitled Action Based Research; fourth grade students compete in Scenario Writing; fifth and sixth grade students engage in Global Issues Problem Solving. The FPSI program follows a six-step problem-solving model which serves as the foundation for addressing various global problems.

In the Action Based Research component of FPSI, third grade students are introduced to the FPS six-step model. The class began by exploring the topic of Coral Reefs. Through research, discussion and engaging creatively, students addressed this topic by applying the six step method of problem solving.

Fourth grade students competed in Scenario Writing. This division of FPSI requires students to work individually, gather background information, and become informed on one of three required topics: All in a Day’s Work, Coral Reefs, and Human Rights. Next, students wrote a short story on a topic of choice. As an FPS Scenario Writer, students needed to use their creativity and imagination to develop a story that was set twenty years in the future, create a character, develop a plot, and solve a problem related to their chosen topic.

Fifth and sixth grade students met their challenge in the Global Issue Problem Solving component of FPSI. Students were grouped in four member teams in which they were assigned three topics to research throughout the course of the year. Teams of students developed their problem solving skills by gathering research, collecting data, and working through the six-step problem solving model to in order to solve real world problems based on a ‘future scene’. A ‘future scene’ is an imagined future, based on the topic being researched. Students tackle social, scientific, political, economic or technological issues.