Community Connection

The AACS Gifted and Talented Resource Room Program is unique to Ashtabula County. In an urban setting, the district looks to innovative strategies to challenge its brightest students. GT is a model program for gifted students in grades 3-6, who meet once a week to interact with peers of the same cognitive ability. Core of the program includes ‘experiential learning’.

Boards of Education, former and present Superintendents, supported GTRRP for over 20 years. Each year ‘experiential learning’, involving field trips, community speakers, state and national competitions have grown.

Community stake-holders share their expertise with GT students in fields of finance, medicine, art and music appreciation, foreign language, etc. Experts in the community ask to be a vital part of the GT program. Each year, the list of guest speakers expands to include former presenters and new presenters, who welcomed an invitation to engage students, sharing knowledge and experience.

GTRRP uses educational venues in Ashtabula County and neighboring Cleveland, Ohio. It exposes students to the best experiential learning in their own community and surrounding areas. It takes a community to raise a child and this community demonstrated its support in the past and promises to into the future.