Student Data

Jessica Wiser, EMIS Coordinator
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Ashtabula, Ohio 44004
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EMIS Education Management Information System

Education Management Information System (EMIS) is to assure better accountability for tax dollars and provide better policy understanding of school district programs and accomplishments to help improve the local educational system.

The EMIS system provides information about student performance and participation and the needs of school districts. The information gathered must facilitate comparisons among districts and school buildings within districts. Each school district must periodically collect and report the information required to the Ohio Department of Education.

Who uses the data?
  • State legislature and the U.S. Congress to allocate resources.
  • State departments of education to plan and manage effective programs.
  • School district superintendents, school board members, and treasurers to decide where to put resources and programs.
  • Principals to track student and teacher progress.
  • Teachers to make decisions about the instructional needs of their students.
  • And by everyone from the federal government on down to the state level to determine accountability.
Quality data is vital to the Ashtabula Area City Schools.

Simply put quality data is important to our school district because it pays us and grades us.