Important School Safety Information

Keeping children safe while at school is the district’s top priority. Ashtabula Area City Schools has many safety measures in place designed to safeguard students and staff and to affect positive student learning in the classroom.  Though our nation has seen sad and frightening violence in our schools over the past few years, AACS has been proactive in ensuring the safety of our buildings.


Safety Plans


Each school building as well as the district has a very comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that covers various types of emergencies. The district is required to certify and submit the emergency plans to the Ohio Department of Education. These plans address in detail the evacuation, relocation and reunification of students in the event of an emergency.


School Resource Officer (SRO) Program


Both district campuses have School Resource Officers.  The SRO’s have many functions and responsibilities on a daily basis to enforce laws and maintain the security of students and staff.  The SRO presence in our schools fosters good behavior and sends a strong message that violence is not acceptable.


Safer Schools Ohio – Tip Line

What is Safer Schools Ohio?

Joining SaferSchools Ohio is another example of how Ashtabula Area City Schools is working towards collaboratively establishing a safe, respectful and caring environment that promotes student learning.

Safer Schools Ohio is a multi-agency effort created to assist schools in continuously improving the safety of our students.  AACS is proud to utilize an anonymous hotline through Safer Schools Ohio as a way for students to report potential suicides, school shootings, bullying, or other problems.  Students can call or text 844-SAFEROH (844-723-3764), free of charge, to report anything suspicious or endangering to them, their friends, or their school.

Safer Schools Ohio enables students, parents, teachers and school administrators to anonymously report student safety threats to school officers and law enforcement officers. These threats may include a potential incident of mass violence, a suicide threat or a student who is being bullied.

Trained professionals at Ohio Homeland Security's Threat Assessment and Prevention unit answer all calls and texts to 844-SaferOH. TAP staff immediately forward information to AACS as well as local law enforcement and others. The TAP staff then follows up quickly with school and law enforcement agencies to ensure the incident is investigated and the outcome tracked.

The tip line is available 24 hours a day. The call center guarantees that the person who calls or texts will remain anonymous. Tip line workers may seek additional information, but the person who calls or texts may remain anonymous or leave contact information in case if the tip line workers need to follow up.

Research shows that in 81 percent of violent incidents in U.S. schools, someone other than the attacker knew something was occurring or going to occur but failed to report it. Typically, according to the Ohio Department of Education, that's because the person who knew something feared they would become a target of the attacker or bully or be labeled a "snitch."


Your eyes and ears can save lives!

Text or call