Transportation Manager

I want to take a moment and thank you for stopping by the transportation section of the schools website. I am sure that you will find many educational topics as well as information that may help to answer any questions you have. If in the event you are not able to discover what you are looking for, please always feel free to reach out to the transportation department directly by calling 440-992-1221. 
As many throughout the district may already know, I am the new transportation manager for the Ashtabula Area City Schools and I am more than excited to be on board with you. "GO DRAGONS"!!!! I know that I have the education, advanced training, knowledge and experience to build a transportation department that is an award winning one. 
It is important to understand that my number one goal is to make sure we are following all laws, rules and regulations set in place by the state to ensure we are safely transporting your children to and from school and school related events safely. 
If you should have any questions, comments or concerns regarding anything with the transportation department, please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me directly at 440-992-1221 Ext: 84226 or by emailing me at 
Yours in Safety, 
Michael Gatrell
Transportation Manager