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Bus Tips for Parents

Child getting on a school bus
Often time parents become frustrated at all the laws, rules and regulations that revolve around school buses. However, it is important to understand that these items are in place for the safety of the children on the bus, the driver, the aide and you yourself. 
Please take a few moments to do your part and review some the tips below that will help make your child riding the school bus a major success.
1. Make sure you know your childs bus stop for the first day of school both pick up and drop off. 
2. Make sure you review the rules with your student and the transportation handbook. 
3. Make sure your child is at the bus stop on-time in his/her designated place of safety. 
4. We understand that on the first day of school you want to take pictures and we love that. However, on a normal scenario, try not to approach the bus. The driver has a lot of responsibilities and requirements at bus stops. If you need to speak with the driver, call the transportation department. 
5. Understand that buses run late due to weather, trains, construction and other things that could create delays. 
6. If you experience a problem with a member of the transportation staff, contact our transportation manager at 440-992-1221.
7. Remind your children that there is no pushing, pulling or running games at the bus stop. This could cause injury. 
8. Remember "I see the driver, the driver sees me". In most cases if your child cannot see the driver as the bus approaches the stop, then the driver is not able to see them. 
9. Always remind your children to look and listen at all times at the bus stop. Also remind them to look out for other motorists. 
10. Remind your child to observe all safety rules that are in place for their own safety.