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Charter / Non-Public School Transportation

Child waiting to get on the School bus 
If you are a parent or guardian of a charter school or non-public school system, you may still be eligible to receive transportation as long as you meet the following state guidelines/requirements. 
1. You must live 2.0 mile or more from the charter or non-public school.
2. The charter or non-public school cannot be further than 30 minutes from the school in which you child would attend at AACS. 
3. Transporting to the charter/ non- public school is deemed practical by state laws.  
4. Parent / guardian must follow correct steps to begin the process.
5. If your student is on an IEP with section 8 completed or your child requires special transportation they will not be eligible and the charter/non-public school will need to provide the transportation.  
If you are interested in receiving transportation to a charter or non-public school in our district, please contact the Transportation Department at 440-992-1221 or email 
If you have further questions, please contact transportation.