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Ashtabula Area City Schools values stakeholders and desires to respond to stakeholders concerns and/or questions as quickly and effectively as possible. The Chain of Command is communication levels of authority within the school district.  This Chain of Command provides stakeholders at all levels with a person they might ask questions or report concerns.  This established Chain of Command provides a roadmap when reporting concerns or communicating with school staff members.  

From time to time, parents and other community members may have questions  or concerns about transportation.  So that we can respond to these issues in a timely  manner, this communications chain of command is provided for your use. 


Transportation Chain of Command

 Bus Driver

Transportation Supervisor

 Principal (If applicable) 

 Director of Operations


 Board of Education


Level  1: If a parent has a concern with their child’s bus driver:

Contact should be with the bus driver or aide or other staff member involved. 

Level 2: If the matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved:       

Discuss the issue with the Transportation Supervisor.                          

Level  3: If a satisfactory solution is not achieved: 

Call/Request a meeting with the Principal.                                               

Level 4:   Should the matter still be of concern:

Call/Request a meeting with the Director of Operations.                       

Level  5: Should the matter not be resolved:  

Call/Request a meeting with  the Superintendent.                                 

Level 6:  If the matter is still unresolved:  

Call/Request a meeting with the Board of Education.