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IEP / Special Needs Students

School bus with Wheelchair lift
AACS offers a wide variety of special transportation services for our students who have mobility restrictions and for those who are on an IEP. 
Our drivers and aides go through vigorous training in order to operate these vehicles and handle each students individual needs. 
Here are some frequently asked questions that might be able to answer any questions you may have. If you are not able to find what you are looking for or need more information, please reach out to our transportation department. 
My child is on an IEP. That means they get special transportation correct?
Wrong. Many of students have an IEP for one thing or another. However, just because a student has an IEP does not mean they qualify for special transportation. It is important to understand that there are several laws and guidelines that go into IEP transportation. 
My child is on an IEP and cannot wait outside for the bus in the cold.
Unfortunately,  if your child has a condition where they cannot wait outside for the bus this needs to be on the students IEP under section 8 and documented by a physician. Please contact the transportation department for more information. 
Why does it seem like a struggle to get my child special transportation?
We understand that it can seem frustrating. However, please understand that we must also follow all laws and regulations when it comes to special transportation. 
My child is on an IEP and currently receives special transportation. Can we switch buses? 
Unfortunately, the answer would be no. Our staffing per each vehicle in our fleet is equipped with the proper staffing. Example: If your student normally rides bus 1 but you need them to ride bus 2 for a night, bus 2 may not have the extra aide or vehicle capabilities to complete the service safely. However, if we can work with you we will. It is best to call the transportation department for guidance. 
For any other questions you need answered, please call our transportation department.