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Pre-School / Kindergarten Transport

Preschoolers getting in a school bus
When it comes to pre-school and kindergarten students, we know that the big yellow bus can sometimes be a little scary. However, our transportation team works with the students throughout the year in order to help them love the big yellow bus. 
With educational training that is fun and exciting, students receive training on how to ride the school bus and how to make sure they know what is needed to help keep them safe. 
Below are some great topics that will be sure to assist every parent or guardian on this subject. 
Do I need to be at the bus stop? 
YES! The drivers would like for you to meet the bus so that they know the student is now in the hands of a reliable adult and that the student is safe after drop off. 
Why do you have two adults on the bus?
Good question. The one adult is a driver and the other adult is a bus aide who assists the driver and the students. Although state law does not require a bus aide, AACS provides one for the comfort of the young ones riding. 
My little one is on an IEP why are they not given special treatment?
AACS follows the state requirements for pre-school transport as it is not a requirement to transport pre-school. However, pre-school aged students are subject to the same transportation requirements as a regular education student. Kindergarten students who are on an IEP that have special requirements in there IEP under section 8 will be reviewed and accommodation per the students IEP will be met. 
Why does my little one have to walk so far to get to the bus stop? 
It is important to understand that for students safety the state recommends that you walk with your student to the bus stop. However, please note that we try to keep pre-school and kindergarten students as close to their place of residence as possible. 
If you have any other questions regarding the above topics or need more assistance, please reach out to our transportation department.