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Animated School bus with flashing lightsAnimated School bus with flashing lights

Welcome to the Ashtabula Area City Schools Transportation Department. 

Contact us at 440-992-1221 if you need assistance



The mission of the Ashtabula Area City Schools Transportation Department is to provide safe, and efficient transportation while remaining professional and customer service driven. The Transportation Department will adhere to this while being in the eyes of the public, during home to school and school to home routes as well as all extracurricular activities and school related events.
Providing safe, on-time, courteous service with a professional team of highly trained and certified School Bus Drivers, Transportation Aides, Dispatchers, Mechanics and management who are all competent in their professions. 
All of our transportation team members will meet or exceed state regulations in order to become a member of the transportation department at the Ashtabula Area City Schools. 
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Animated bus stopping then driving
Knowing when to stop for a School Bus...
When the School Bus approaches the designated but stop it activates its amber warning lights approx. 300 feet before the stop. (These lights should be treated as a yellow traffic light... It is NOT the time to speed up but rather slow down and prepare to stop)
The School Bus then comes to a complete stop and it's red lights are activated and a stop arm extends from the side of the bus. (These lights should be treated as a red light)
Motorists are required per Ohio State Law to remain stopped until the School Bus resumes motion. The State of Ohio does not play when it comes to passing a school bus with it's red lights activated and motorists receive fines and a drivers license suspension
Cameras mounted on a School busCamera mounted on the back of a school bus
AACS takes multiple measures to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep our student bus riders safe. Therefore, every School Bus in our fleet is equipped with Red Light Violation cameras that allows us the ability to give law enforcement the drivers car make and model, license plate number, color and  description of the driver. Law enforcement then can issue the motorist a citation which could lead to the motorist receiving a hefty fine and a drivers license suspension. 
Cartoon GPS device 

Did you know we have GPS Tracking capabilities? ...

Just another way AACS is doing everything possible to keep children safe. 
All AACS vehicles that are utilized for the purposes of transporting students are equipped with high tech GPS tracking software that is secured. 
The GPS tracker is a wonderful feature that allows the transportation department to monitor every vehicle in our fleet. 
It allows us to track the buses exact location, lets us know if the bus was at a bus stop and at what time, gives us the buses speed and also allows us to see the buses exact path of travel. 

Transportation Office

Telephone: 440-992-1221
Fax: 440-992-1222